Installing Windows Agents on VM or VDI

This is an overview of the recommended installation methods for Windows Agents on VM or VDI.

From Management version Iguazu, the SentinelOne Management has an improved solution for Hot (live) clones, where clones are automatically assigned a unique UUID.

Note: This solution does not work on Agents that were installed with the /VDI switch.

Recommended Installation Methods

VM Installation Type



Cold clone Persistent or Non-Persisten

Use the /VDI installation switch

From Windows v3.3.3, after installation with the /VDI switch, you can upgrade Agents normally from the Management Console without the /VDI switch

Hot (live) clone Persistent or Non-Persistent

Install WITHOUT the /VDI installation switch

The Management makes sure that each clone has a different UUID. This can take up to five minutes.

If necessary, after installation, Management Console Users with required permissions can reset the UUID of an Agent: Sentinels > Randomize Uuid. If an Agent is installed with the /VDI switch, the Randomize Uuid command does not apply.

Note: On Windows Agent versions 3.1-3.3.2 the /VDI switch did not work and the sentinelctl agent_id -r -b command was required. This method is supported for all versions, Hot and Cold clones. If it works well on your environment, use it with versions 3.3.3 and later. If there are issues, use the /VDI installation switch.